Friday, May 27, 2011

An Important Update

Some pretty big decisions have been made these past couple of weeks that you all, who both support and follow this blog, should be aware of.

As you know, I was set to staff with YWAM Auckland Central in Auckland, New Zealand. Well, a couple of weeks ago I received word that some changes were being made and it was left open for me to decide if I still wanted to stay with the base or not. After a lot of prayer and revisiting what I feel God's called me to do, how He's made me, and the goals that I have set; I decided to not return and staff with YWAM Auckland Central. It's been over a week now and I still have a real peace about the decision.

I had received an invitation to come and staff with a YWAM base in Adelaide, Australia (we met and worked together with this base in Thailand) about 2 weeks after I arrived home. They are wanting to start a music ministry and wanted me to come and be a part of it. I really feel that what this base is doing and what I want to be doing long term are very similar to each other. This base has been around a lot longer than the one in Auckland and so there are a lot more opportunities already established for ministry. So right now I'm currently working through the application process with them and am working hard to get it done. I still feel that I'm still only supposed to stay in the States for 3 months so I'm hoping that, if all works out, I'll still be leaving in July. So not much has changed except where I'm going.

I understand that some may wish to know more information or may have questions. So if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to email me. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can. Thank you for your support and understanding in this situation.

I will update you all and let you know the minute I've been accepted.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Way to Support!!!!

Thanks to my awesome friends at Sacrament Media there's a new way that you can help support me as a a shirt!
These are the shirts that you can pre-order at and all the net profits will go back to me. The shirts are $15 but you must order before June 22!!!! The sale of the shirts ends on June 22 and they will be shipped out on July 6.

So not only are you supporting an awesome cause, yours truly, but this shirt is going to stir up a lot of conversations through which you'll be able to be an advocate and a voice for those who have no voice.

And if that wasn't convincing enough, here's the interview I had with Sacrament Media.
I'm really excited about this and I hope you all are too. These are awesome shirts that are slave-free/sweatshop-free quality shirts that are printed on and a truly awesome company that's making them for me. I hope you'll continue to support them as you continue to support me. Much love and many thanks!!!!