Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 + 1 = WOW

Today is significant because it not only means that I have been here in Adelaide for 2 months but a year ago I was just starting my DTS in New Zealand.

Things are much different nowadays, not just because I'm different, but because this is different. In DTS it was a new experience, new lesson and new thing everyday; there was so much to blog about, so much to tell, so many stories. And yet there's not so much to blog about now; monthly summaries usually suffice...But why? Because DTS was an intense 6 month experience, one that certainly changed my life, but this isn't an experience, this is my life. I wake up everyday and I go to work.

On my DTS I began to feel a desire in me to sow in somewhere for longer term, to see what it felt like to really put my hands in the ground and watch what grew from committed work. Well, that is what's going on. There's not much to blog about because there's a lot of sowing going on, a lot of preparation for things to come; preparing for a harvest that has no due date. I'm so loving this journey that I'm on. I'm getting to be apart of pioneering a new movement in Port Adelaide and apart of pioneering a new music ministry. This is what I prayed for on my DTS. I'm getting to put my hands in the ground and really be apart of some beautiful things.

Thank you guys so much for being apart of this journey that I'm on, for sharing in my excitement, for relating and encouraging me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God's Up To Something!

When I first arrived here I quickly realized that transportation was going to be a bit of a challenge especially since I wanted to be able to be involved with a local church. So I've been praying about transportation, how to go about it, what does the Lord want me to do, and I even put it out there for you guys to be praying about it. But the more research I did, the more discouraged I got and I had pretty much given up on even thinking about getting my own vehicle. Last week God gave me a car!

At first when I got the car I gave it right away because there was a family on base also looking in need of a car but God gave them a car this week too. So God's made it pretty clear that He wants me to have this car because this car is for His Kingdom.

There are so many beautiful things happening in Port Adelaide; God is flinging doors wide open and every time I go there I feel like I'm there, like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Remember my post about how I wasn't feeling the same way I felt about New Zealand? I think those feelings were waiting for me in Port Adelaide. I get filled with such a peace and excitement every single time we go there that I'm itching like a player sitting on the bench, begging their coach to put them in the game.
So here's what's going on in Port Adelaide (the short version): They have a huge need, their city is dying and its hurting people are in dire need of help. We want to start another base in Port Adelaide. Our leaders met with the mayor and his community development team last week and they really want us to come and have been hooking us up with all sorts of contacts of places to volunteer, people to help, places to live, etc. We're starting to hook up with a local church in Port Adelaide and want to be a blessing there. We're hoping to start volunteering at a Christian run cafe that just opened up next to an abortion clinic. And we're still on the hunt for more places to get involved with and be a blessing to! Basically, THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

I know that this car that the Lord has given me is for Port Adelaide; I know that this is God making a way for me to be involved there. Praise God for answered prayers!

In order for me to legally operate this car there is an upfront fee of $120 as well as $180 upfront and then every 3 months after that that the government requires you to pay that serves as re-registering your car, insurance and taxes; not to mention gas to make it go. If you feel God moving you to support me in this way please click the "Donate" button up on the right and put "car" in the notes for the Paypal donation.

Thank you so much guys for your prayers and for your support! God is really doing such incredible things and I'm so excited to be able to share in this with you guys. God's up to something!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Important Paypal Info!

Because of my recent change in location I've had to adjust the Paypal button. So when you click on the Paypal button to your right it will now take you to my Australian account.
Note: the currency is still in USDs for your convenience
Note, note: Please if you've bookmarked the other US Paypal account, please use the new one.

Thanks heaps guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh it feels good to be home! We got back to Adelaide at about 3:30 am on Wednesday morning and it was so good to wake up on the base. We'll be here for 3 weeks and then we pack up again to go to our next outreach location in the North of Australia. But for now it's just good to be home.
We've been doing whatever needs to be done on the base so that the DTS staff can focus all their energy on getting things ready for the school that starts on September 21. Please be praying for them.

Lighthouse in Port Adelaide
I got to see the coast for the first time yesterday! It was so beautiful, still to cold to get in but gorgeous nonetheless. We went out there to fish for some crabs but all we managed to catch was a baby crab and a good time.
Yesterday we also went and looked around Port Adelaide, the location where we hope to start another base at in the next year. Being there, seeing the need, it made me even more excited. There were so many vacant buildings that have been closed down; the pubs, on the other hand, have had no trouble staying in business. But around this area is a lot of poverty and even more potential for ministry. I mention all this so that you know what I'm talking about if I mention Port Adelaide in the future.

Spring is coming here to Adelaide, all the trees are beginning to blossom, and the snakes and spiders are coming out to play. Today during our staff meeting we were given a safety briefing about snakes.....yeah....."that's about all I have to say about that."

Thank you to all those who have been sending me emails with updates about your lives and how you're doing; I absolutely LOVE getting those and it makes me feel way more connected to you all. So thank you!

Well that's about all the news that's going on here right now. Thanks for reading family! Much love!