Saturday, October 22, 2011


Finally after all the talking and waiting, the band is finally together. The guys came back from Thailand and we immediately went to work practicing for a 3 hour worship set for our base. Here's a photo from that day:

We've also been talking a lot, sharing ideas, sharing music, and just bouncing stuff off of each other about what we want this ministry to look like, sound like, and do. I cannot describe to you the incredible feeling that it is to be starting something like this; to be a pioneer and a founder of a ministry; to take the things you are passionate about and mold them together for Him. It's such a privilege and it's so exciting! Sometimes it's hard to not get too ahead of ourselves but it's also liberating to know that we have total freedom to dream. This is what I came here for.

Since my last post, I've been given charge over the prayer room here on base. First thing on the todo list was to remodel it.


It's still a work in progress and I hope to continue to improve more as time goes on. It was a really challenging experiment, and still is, to learn how the design of a room can distract or draw people to or from God. If you have any thoughts or advice on the subject of prayer rooms, art, design, and the combination of them all please contact me!

It's starting to finally get warm here and the heat is a welcome change! I've actually had to put on shorts and sunscreen at times! It's been great to be able to spend more time outdoors and that means we are sharing our turf with snakes and spiders. This picture is from today where we had our first hunt for brown snake. 12 guys for 1 snake...snake won; he lives to fight another day. I had a rather funny, yet frightening, encounter with the largest spider I have ever seen out of a cage. I was trying to get something out of my car and my friend tells me very panicky to get out of the car now. I was so startled that I fell out of the car onto the gravel which invoked terrified screams from my friend, leading me to believe that I was even that much closer to the spider. When I got up I saw a large gray spider on the door of my car and when the adrenaline subsided I felt the bloody scratches on my bum which I received during my not-so-cavalier evacuation. Aaah life down under.