Friday, March 2, 2012

4 One

You know those days that you wake up with an optimistically calm intuition that the day is going to be hard? It's not that you are dooming the day, you just know those days when you need to pray a little harder in the morning.

Today was one of those days. I made up my own little gospel hymn that I chanted like a soul-filled mantra every time I felt that knot of frustration rising up in my throat singing, "I ain't gonna let petty things, drag me down."

Today was a hard day. I had to fight to stay focused on God rather than getting wrapped up in frustration. The enemy had many traps laid out for me today, but something happened that made tip-toeing around traps all day worth it.

Tonight, I went along with a friend to a youth group to hear him share his testimony. The service began, ended, and afterwards they retreated to the front for snacks. I sat with this group of middle school girls and God made it very clear, from the get go, that I was there for this one little girl named, "Jess." She shared that just this past week, on holiday, she began to feel that she was supposed to be a missionary but hadn't even shared it with her parents yet. This girl is 11 years old and she had big questions and doubts especially about being a woman in missions. This girl also shared with me later about a dream she had that had been impressed on her the whole day. She said that she thinks dreams are the only way that she can hear God.

I got to encourage the heaven into that girl. I saw so much of myself and could relate so much to her experiences that it was undoubtedly a divine appointment. By the end of our talk, she was wiping the tears away from her eyes and I was able to pray with her.

What a privilege it is to speak into someone's life, especially a young kid's life. What an honor to be able to speak words of truth and affirmation; to be able to see that God had you at a specific place, at a specific time, to minister His love and truth to a specific person. It's always worth it for one. It's always worth it.