Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pause on Passion

Have you ever had a pause on passion? Where things that you were once so zealous about, suddenly you're sorta struggling to be enthused over? It kinda feels like someone took the remote and hit pause on your passion?

That's where I've been at lately and my paused passion has been my passion for social justice. It's not that I don't care, it's just not tugging and weighing on my heart recently; at least not as vigorously as it used to. When I noticed how I've almost become indifferent to the issues and work surrounding, I became worried that something was off. I became increasingly concerned for myself.

But then I remembered something; I remembered where God has me at this moment, why He brought me here, and what He's trying to teach me and give me. And, well, it's only suitable that certain elements would be put on hold so that others can grow. Those elements on hold need to rest and recharge themselves so that when the parts once again become the whole they are stronger and more equally yoked.

This happened once before, years ago. I felt like my passion, as a whole, was stripped from me; whereas I was once so vigorous and gunho, I couldn't seem to muster up anything for anything. What I only learned from hindsight was that God had put that part of me on pause so that I could grow in my compassion, something I desperately lacked. Then one day He pressed play again and gave me something to focus my compassion and passion towards. That something was social justice. And now I find that He's pressed pause again. Why?-Because something needs to grow.

We all have expectations of ourselves and we tend to enforce them on ourselves no matter the season. But remember there is a time for sound and there is a time for silence, a time for solitude and a time for company, a time for coming and a time for going, a time for doing and a time for being.

So be.