Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thought for the day: Purpose

You know we all want our life to have purpose. We all want what we do to have meaning in this life. I think it is what attracts us to institutions of work where the purpose is in the job descriptions, clearly stated in the vision, engraved above the door, and right before our eyes for constant reminding and affirmation whenever we need. But just because it is the job's purpose, it does not immediately follow that it is your purpose, that you will find your purpose, or any purpose, in it. Who has the firmer grip, who is more satisfied; the one who has sought out and found their purpose or the one who accepts the purpose given? One exists outside of tasks and the other is bound to them.

That's my thought for the day.


  1. To answer the "why" is important. To focus on the "what" is like putting the cart before the horse. Take mother Teresa for example, if ask who she was she would most likely begin by
    saying that there are millions of uncared for people in Calcutta and that is not okay, the "why" not that she is a nun feeding the people, the" what". When we know the why the what simply follows. We have been given passion and talents. They direct us toward the"why".

    1. Well said. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!