Friday, July 18, 2014

Thought for the Day: Give, Give, Givers

Have you ever heard it said, "The more you give away, the more that will be returned to you"?

It's a lovely, well-intended, formula for blessings; give, give, give and you'll receive, receive, receive. But here we are left with a generation and a culture of Give, Give, Givers who are suffocating at the bottom of the heap of obligations and needs and who are scraping the bottom of their gift barrel and who are unable to receive. We have churches full of unbeknownced people suffering from compassion fatigue, churches full of empty people while the demands keep rising; stuck in a faulty system of increased demand with dwindling supply.

Here's what we do: we believe that the more we given the more we will receive so we give, give, give until we are empty and then we curse God in our despairing need. But everything is so clear, so easy: Place (blank) here and you will receive. But where do we receive from? Some magic fairy giving shoot that comes to us? When does it come? At what point does it come to restock? Do we have to tell it or does it know in it's omniscient fairyness? And if it does, then why are so many people empty or is the magic fairy giving shoot backed up on orders?

Or is the whole thing broken and incomplete?

Do we love because He first loved us or do we love Him so that He'll love us. Does forgiveness proceed repentance or do we repent in order to be forgiven? Does grace proceed our response or does our response cue grace? Your beliefs will impact your pattern of giving and its order.

We are so invested in the need, in the output, when perhaps we are designed to be invested in the source. Perhaps we are to be in the well that never runs dry. Perhaps we are to be soaking in the Water that will never cause us to go thirsty and feeding on the Bread that ensures we'll never go hungry.

I know there are needs, but if we don't recognize our great need then what are we really giving?


Just a thought.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thought For The Day: wanting more than

I was listening to this song that says, "I'm a lover of your presence and that's all I want to be" And I thought, "Is that true?...Is that right to be true even if it is?...Is that all God wants of us?"

It makes me think of that whole idea that we'll get to heaven and all we'll do is sing praise and worship for idea I do not find a whole lot of truth or merit in.

There are plenty of things we want to be. We want to be wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, and grandparents. We want to be musicians, actors, artists, counselors, teachers, photographers, and (you fill in the blank) , and that's great! God is the One Who put those longings there, they are ways we, not only, further experience Him, know Him, and worship Him, but they are also there for our enjoyment and pleasure.

But the problem with lyrics like these is that we get caught in singing them, believing them, and then feeling guilty because we know that is not all we want to be; we feel guilty for wanting more than, in this case, to be "a lover of Your presence".

I am a lover of His presence! I am a lover of His presence and I am a lover of the many ways and avenues that I get to enjoy, discover, and coalesce in that presence, that presence that is waiting to be found in even the most curious and unlikely of places, things and beings; that presence that is oh so available, mysterious and surprising. And I think that's ok....

Just a thought